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Study circles

The nature of the training institute can be understood by imagining an ongoing conversation taking place among friends in thousands upon thousands of social spaces—neighbourhoods, villages, schools, universities, and workplaces—concerned with contributing to the advancement of civilization through the application of Bahá’u’lláh’s teachings. As the number of participants in the conversation grows, processes to achieve collective spiritual and material goals in each space are set in motion. Read more here .

Over the past few decades, the worldwide Bahá'í community has developed an educational programme that seeks to cultivate the vast and powerful potentialities inherent in every human being. Guided by the principle and goal of universal participation, this educational programme combines personal reflection and group study with acts of service in the community. For more information, see here .

Ruhi books 1-5

Ruhi books 6-9

Ruhi books 10-14

Junior youth spiritual empowerment programme - animator training materials

Junior youth spiritual empowerment programme - junior youth texts

Spiritual education of children

Associated materials

Ruhi books 1-7 - Arabic

Ruhi books 8-14 - Arabic

Ruhi books 1-7 - Persian

Ruhi books 8-14 - Persian