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About Jena Khodadad

Jena Khadem Khodadad was born in Tehran, Iran, the daughter of Zikrullah Khadem and Javidukht Khadem. A graduate of Northwestern University, United States, with a doctorate in Biological Sciences, she has pursued an academic career in research and teaching, as professor on the faculty of Rush Medical College, Rush University. Her research has focused on the molecular organization of biological membranes, and her teaching in cell biology and neuroscience to medical and graduate students; she has published widely in scientific journals and books. Jena has been an active lecturer on her research in national and international scientific forums; on Bahá’í-inspired themes in conferences; on human rights and the denial of higher education to Bahá’ís in Iran in forums of Amnesty International and the American Jewish Committee; and on interfaith dialogue on interfaith panels. She has served on the institutions of the Bahá’í Faith at national, regional and local levels. Jena and her husband Manucher live in the United States in the Chicago area.

Titles by Jena Khodadad