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About Arthur Dahl

Dr Arthur Lyon Dahl is President of the International Environment Forum and a retired senior official of UN Environment, with over 50 years experience in sustainability, international environmental assessment and governance, and systems science, including more than 20 years in intergovernmental organizations. A biologist by training (Stanford University and the University of California, Santa Barbara), specializing on small islands and coral reefs, he lived and worked for many years in the Pacific Islands and Africa before settling in Geneva, Switzerland.

A member of the Bahá’í Faith, he chose science as his field of service to humanity and the planet, and has always sought coherence between his values and his work. He has published over 200 papers and books including: Unless and Until; A Bahá’í Focus on the Environment and The Eco Principle; Ecology and Economics in Symbiosis.

Titles by Arthur Dahl