Publishing with Baha'i Books

There are two methods by which an author can publish a title for integration into Bahá'í Distribution Services' automated print-on-demand system: self-publishing, or publishing with Bahá'í Publications Australia (BPA). However, BPA is not currently receiving submissions for the publishing of new titles, but self-published work can be reviewed for integration.

Print-on-demand is a service whereby books are printed when ordered. This reduces the costs and risks associated with printing and storing large volumes of books. Bahá'í Distribution Services has a working relationship with print-on-demand services owned by Ingram Content Group. The service provided by IngramSpark is recommended for authors seeking to publish Bahá'í inspired books because books published by Ingram can be integrated into the Bahá'í Distribution Services' automated print-on-demand system; Ingram has unique expertise in the field of publishing; and Ingram has a worldwide network of printers as well as extensive international distribution channels.

Publishing with Bahá'í Publications Australia
Authors and other content creators can submit reviewed materials for publication to BPA at Submitted materials are assessed to determine the suitability of the title and its relevance to the current stage of the unfoldment of the Divine Plan, as well as anticipated costs associated with publication, which may include editing, graphic design, and manufacture.

It is the policy of the National Spiritual Assembly that all products referring to the Bahá'í Faith must be submitted for Bahá'í Review to ensure accuracy and dignity in the presentation of the Faith. Items can be submitted for review through the national secretariat at