BB App - Discounts

Bulk discounts apply to the whole site. They apply automatically in the cart; they come with an extra 'add-to-cart' button, but the discount applies whether or not the additional button is used. [We are not currently using any bulk discounts. Note that bulk discounts must be ticked 'active' to apply.]

Wholesale discounts apply only to the wholesale view. They apply automatically in the cart; they come with a discount banner. They only apply to customers who have a customer tag to which a wholesale discount has been associated.

Wholesale accounts are tags which can be applied to specific customer accounts. Each wholesale account is associated with one customer tag. Each wholesale account can be associated with any number of wholesale discounts. Only customers which have a wholesale account tag may access the wholesale view.

Discount tags is a way of checking which discounts apply to a specific product. Simply look up the product of interest to find out which discounts apply.